Saturday, July 23, 2011


I made this card for the Christmas in July online swarm Cricut Circle Challenge #1.  The challenge was to use the sketch provided to make a card.  Two projects in one day?  I must be slacking off my work!  lol!  It was made with the Snow Angel Imagine cartridge.  It is such a heavenly cartridge!  All of the images are layered and popped up.  The colors look fine on my computer, but once it went onto the blog, the colors look faded. 

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First Cricut Purse Bag

Please don't shoot me but I rarely use Tags, Bags, Bixes and More for bags!  In fact, I rarely make bags!  The teeny-tiny little score marks are hard to see!

The bag was cut on a 12x24 mat at 11.3 inches to make it big enough for the gift I have to put in it.  I originally made a different bag on a 12x12 mat.  Opps, just a tad tiny!  lol!  I used some  designer tape on the inside and outside of the flap to add dimension and give it more strength.  I made the handle with beads and wire.  I layered the flower with: a Prima, two buttons a dew drop and some leaves I made with the Cuttlebug.  I put a couple rub ons on the front. I used velcro for the closure.   I have never used velcro on paper before.  It tore off part of the part of the paper when I tried to open it for the first time!  That velcro is tough stuff! 

I like how the purse turned out.  Now that I have made one of these, I may have to try another except trying Forever Young next time!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Box Car Train!

My nephew is coming for a visit tomorrow.  He is in love with Thomas the Train.  I made these for him to store his little trains in.  I was going to give it to him for Christmas, but I just can't wait that long!  :)  I made it a little older so he would like it longer.  I made them so they stand up.  I am loving this Pop Up Neighborhood!   I was excited when I saw the train.  I love trains!  All of the cuts are from PUN except for the smoke, that came from Accent Essentials.

I used several brands of papers.  I can't remember them all.  I had the perfect piece of train paper and made the most horrific mistake!  I put it in upside down!  ;(  I only had one piece and I ruined it!  Ugh! So, the middle part of the train has a new body!  lol!

The J is a $1 store purchase from a couple of years ago.  Sad, I'm just now using it!   I used copper embossing powder on the engine strips.  I haven't used embossing powder in forever!  It was fun to rekindle an old skill!  The boxes are wooden boxes I picked up from the dollar store some time ago.  I'm on the spending ban otherwise I think I would have gone back to the store to get enough to do the whole entire train!!!  This was one of the most fun things I have made in a long time!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

O Canada! Pennant

Made this pennant for the Cricut Circle contest.  It is much more simple than many I see, but I like that it that way!  It shows what Alberta is without a lot of "fluff"!  I love fluff, but Alberta is beautiful and simple!  I am thinking I may do another one for my house for Canada Day!

The banner is from BB.   It was the one cart that was mandatory.  The maple leaf is from ACY!  (Have I said enough yet how I love this cart?)  The horses and Alberta are from OW.  The crest is from CAC but I cut off the top to have the Alberta Crest shape.  Rose petals are leaves from AE.  I cut of the stem part and turned so the pointy part of the leaves are in the center.  The center of the rose and the leaves are from the Cuttlebug Chrysanthemum.  I dipped the centre into glue and then flock.  It looks pretty cool IRL.  The idea came quickly to me and I think it went together pretty nicely.

I am using my carts and my stash!   I am glad that many girls/guys are trying to use their stash.  It helps when there is a bunch of of us working together.  It works with spending and it works with not spending!  lol!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My First Paper Bag Album and Video!

Oh my goodness!  I finally got the video uploaded!  It took forever from our very slow server!  It is my first paper bag mini album.  I tried a gatefold album.  A bit ambitious for my first try, but it seemed to turn out okay for a newbie!  As for the video, there has got to be a better way to upload the video than what I did!  I am pretty proud of myself for my first try at both the album and video.  This was made for a very sweet lady who just retired from work.  I sure hope she likes it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Imagine Card! Woot! Woot!

Here is my first Imagine card.  I used Kate's ABCs for the butterflies and made them look as if they were watching the TV.  :)  I used Nifty 50's for the sewing machine and TV.  How funky are those!!!  Designer Calendar and Base Camp were used for the fonts.  On the inside of the card I put the needle and thread from Happily Ever After.  The papers for the TV, sewing machine and bees were made with my I and the Blossom cart.  I love the dotted paper for the TV!!!

More carts used in my journey!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Imagine who lives here now!

Lookie lookie who came to live with me!  :]  I am thrilled and possibly in love!!!

I love it so far, but wow, what a learning curve!

Here is my first project using my new toy.   It is a "smash journal".  I finally found a book that I think would work well.  It is a small sketch book.  I got to use a piece of the twine that I just got.   I only used the Imagine More cart that came with the machine.  I used glossy accents on the camera lens and some glitter on the butterfly wings.  I highlighted a bit with a blue copic, but that is it! 

I can only IMAGINE the possibilities with this machine!

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