Saturday, April 20, 2013

iPad Cover

I was playing in CCR this morning.  I am really beginning to enjoy that program immensely!  Totally love the search right in the program!  It also lets you know which cart you got the image from.  I was just wandering through my carts and grabbed a bunch of images. Just a right click and viola! you can see where it came from!  (I am infamous for not remembering where I got something!)

 Now, I really like black things because they hide dirt really well! lol! besides, they just look classy! What I don't like about black is I can't see it very well.  If it is black sitting in the shade, on something else black, etc.  I can't see it.  So, what better way to fix that than with my Cricut?!  (You can use your Silhouette if you have one to make a different image, if you like.)  It's not the cutter, nor the image that matters here, it's just the concept!

Have I ever said how much I like vinyl?  OMG that stuff is the bomb!  It's great, because if you get tired of what you have, you can always change it later, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!  I really want to get some printable vinyl so I can use my stamps and Silhouette.  I have used vinyl on so many project in my house, on my car, at work...  Okay, I digress. 

Without even more ado, here is my project.

The image is from home decor.  I just added some extra embellishments and it was a fast and easy project!  I had no intention of doing this project this morning, I was just searching through CCR and thought what a nice bird this was.   It just came together in a matter of minutes.  No-one will be able to say they picked up my iPad by mistake now!

Now go surprise yourself and make a quick vinyl project!  Fast, fun and easy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Charmed, I'm sure!

I love to make charms!  I made these out of Cricut cuts from Flower Shoppe and Cricut Basics.

The first one is cut from a piece of plastic.  The second one is the same leaf cut multiple times, glued together, edges inked then glaze applied over top.  It is very important for this type of charm that you press the layers down well.  I used my brayer.  You can use spray laquer to coat these.  The more layers you use, the stronger it becomes.  It is better to use several light layers rather than one thick one so that it doesn't clump.  The third and fourth ones are a pieces of shrink plastic.  The sparkly heart was shrank, then a thin layer of glaze added and glitter over that.  The fourth one is dipped into my melting pot full of embossing powder.  This makes it really thick and melts the shrink plastic very quickly!  The 5th one is multiple layers of paper.  You must remember to flip the last one.  I found with this particular leaf, it is better to just flip a piece of paper and not the image.  For some reason when it flips, it cuts smaller!  The last one is a piece of shrink plastic that I colored with a sharpe and then melted.  Make sure you put your holes into the shrink plastic BEFORE you melt it.  Otherwise, it's too late.  Attempting to make holes will likely break them.  (Ask me how I know!)

There are so many different ways to make charms with our Cricuts!

Here are a couple of completed charms.

I think they turned out very well. I may try to retake the photos in the day light to help you see the charms better.  IRL they look really nice and will be making their way onto some projects!  I plan on continuing to find new way to make charms with my Cricut!

Enjoy your Cricut for more than just cards!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Well dog-gone!

Made this card using Four Legged Friends Cricut Cartridge for a colleague at work.

The eyes are little are rhinestone and I added glaze to the nose.  I am using up some of my stuff (It takes forever, truly it does!) so I used some rub-ons, stickers, ribbon, lace and bling.