Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beep Boop Robots!

 I made these for my darling grandson.  He's all boy!  I adore his cute little face!

Obviously, I used Robotz for these!  The gears came from Indie Art though!  Imagine that!  Robotz doesn't really have gears on it!

I plan on filling the body with candies for him to eat.  I'm sure the large robot will be toast before the day is done, but that's okay!

I have now used 45 of my 104 carts!  I didn't realize I had crossed the 100 threshold! I thought I was about 1/2 done my journey to use all of my carts!  45 since Sept is pretty good though!  I'm pretty pleased!  I still haven't managed to pull SYI out!  Ugh he's so tough for me to use!  Why is that?  He was a must have cart!

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