Monday, August 1, 2011

Utensil Jar

I finally found a jar large enough to hold all of my utensils that I use for cooking.  I like to keep these under the stove, but I was too cheap to go buy another container that would fit!  I used vinyl on it.  Wow, do I need lessons!  I can tell you, doing something on the round is not easy.  I learned that you do not want to put the vinyl on the sloping parts!  It just makes too many wrinkles!  And bubbles!  I added some of my stickers to the top and the bottom to give it a more finished look.  Since this will be in my cupboard, I decided I could let the imperfections slide. 

I used the cart From My Kitchen, of course!  lol!  I think vinyl could really become addictive!

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  1. Great job using the vinyl. I have just discovered vinyl! Doesn't it cut beautifully!! Your cannisters are perfect!