Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Which one is which?

I was looking at Flower Shoppe the other day and then proceeded to make a card.  I wanted to do a different card later, and guess what?   I could not remember which flower was which!  So, to make my life easier, I made one of each of the flowers so I had a quick reference to go to.  To me, they all look pretty similar in the little icons.

If you cut them on your Gypsy at 3.4 inches you can get 9 on one sheet.  Then there is only one left to cut out.   For a sample size I would not make them much smaller than this!   I then rolled them and placed them on this sheet of acetate.  It still has its wrap on it, that is why it is opaque.  I also decided to cut the other flowers and leaves and put them on there.  The "scalloped" circle one still has me a little perplexed.  I suppose we are to layer it in descending sizes.  I'm not quite sure still.  I have seen this type of shape used to make string flowers.  I wonder if either of these ideas are what the designer had in mind.  I have not cut the other flowers out yet.  Another project will have to come when time is not so sparse! 

I really like this cart a lot.  It is more versatile than the regular cuttlebug quilling flowers that I have.  You can make them as big or small as you like.  You can also add the quilling flowers into the center of other flowers.

One thing I love to do is to take the ugliest papers I have and turn them into fabulous flowers.  I am not sure why, but I have found this to be a pattern!  Sorry, about the pun, it really wasn't intended!  My prettiest papers are not as good for making flowers.   The pink flowers below are done with gorgeous paper, yet they only turned out okay.   The incomplete white ones are done with less than gorgeous paper, but they would look far superior than the pink ones if they were done.  They were only done so I could tell what the shape of the leaves was like.  I do look forward to making them complete and seeing what they look like "full"! 

This cart is definitely worth every penny you may spend on it if you like flowers as much as I do!

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  1. Great tip! Great use for that "ugly" paper we all have, too!