Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Sorry bloggers that I have been MIA.  I assure you I have been busy working and crafting too!  I will try to get several postings done this week to show you what I have been up to. 

Here is a layout that I did awhile ago of my daughter at Halloween.  I want to post more layouts as people have asked to see more.   The layout is simple, but I wanted to ensure the focus remained where it needed to be.  I used Martha Stewart Elegant Cakes for the font and Mother's Day Bouquet for the flowers.  I found beads on a string at my local dollar store. My mother thought I was crazy when I bought them, but decided she would buy some too figuring that if I came up with an idea for them she wanted in!  lol! 

My daughter looked really good that day.  Her dad worked a lot of hours getting her shirt done.  It had wires on it that lit up like Quorra of Tron.  It was no easy task finding that thin light tubing!  She had a power pack that she turned on.  In these pictures you can not see the glow.  I did her hair and makeup.  She got a ton of compliments, mostly by boys because they knew who Quorra was and were very impressed that she did too, and that she glowed!  The girls loved her hair and make up.  Go figure!  lol!  She loved how she looked and had a little strut that day!  She was disappointed that the only close up of her face was the one that she decided not to smile! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Fabulous layout! Thank you for giving the story behind the shirt! What a blessed family!