Monday, January 6, 2014

Chunky Charm and Gift Box

I made this chunky charm for my sister.  She has fallen in love with these things, but has ZERO desire to do them herself.   I miss the swaps on the Cricut site!  I had so much fun!

 I made the box using my Silhouette and the image from their store.  I suggest you go to the 3under3andmore blog to get the instructions.  I thought I had it all together and then saw it didn't fit.  Oops!  Should always check instructions. 

I like the idea of buying individual images, but I don't like the way the Silhouette studio has clumped them all onto one mat.  It makes it harder to work with, as you don't always know what is what.  I'm  fairly new to all of this Silhouette stuff so it will take some time.  It would be awesome if we could have layers.   I suppose it might be more difficult to do it that way, but I truly have no idea.  I love all of the 3d stuff that they have.  When they have sales, you can sometimes get the images for 50c!  I digress again. 

 I love the little guy on the right hand side that I made with beads.  My daughter said, "He rocks!"  Ha!  The charm is super chunky and fills most of my hand.  It does fit in the box below that I made to hold it.
One of my many 50 cent purchases!  The lid of the chimney comes off to reveal the charm.  I think next time I make this, I'm going to get some "smoke" for the chimney.  I think that would be a nice added touch.

Have a wonderful day!

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