Sunday, April 3, 2011

Robot Cake

Here is my very first cake using:  the Cricut Cake, Fondant and Modelling Chocolate!

After the video this past week on the Cricut Cake, and all of the fabulous tips I learned from the video and the awesome girls taking the course, I had to try my hand at it.  I discovered that I love working with the modelling chocolate, fondant - not so much.  I found the fondant tore really easily when I went to put it on the cake.  I have no idea why it was such a pain in the keister, but wowzers was it!  It was okay to have it not perfect for this cake as I wanted him to look a little old and rusty, but on a "pretty" cake it would really frustrate me!  I added some grey sugar to make him look a little rustier.  All in all it was a big first attempt, but I love my grand son beyond belief and was more than willing to try.  He loved the modelling chocolate!  He grabbed an arm and chomped it up like no-one's business!  He then went for the second one, but we had to make sure he was allowed so that if he got a sugar high we would not be hunted down for being naughty grand parents!  lol!

Lesson learned:  Trying too many new things all at once is very overwhelming!

I am open to tips that you have in working with cakes and fondant.   I would love a really good, moist cake recipe to use that works well with fondant.

Thanks for stopping by!

I think he goes pretty well with the card and stand up robot I made!


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