Saturday, October 22, 2011

Matching Game

I recently had my grand kids over.  My daughter and grand daughter were playing a game together.  The little guy got frustrated as he wanted to play too.  My husband started to play a game with him, but he wanted to play a game with me.  So, I quickly zipped this game off for him.  It needed to be something simple as he is only 3 years old.  It only took 10- 15 minutes to make.   I love how easy it is to come up with something with the Cricut!

I picked out the images.  I used the Cricut markers to draw everything first.  I then went back and cut out the cards.  Using the Gypsy I had one page with the cards and images and the second only with the cards.  I didn't want the cards to be dimensional as they were to be his own special cards!

I then colored them very simply with Copic Markers.  Any markers or crayons would work.
I then cut out the card backs out of design paper.  He's not old enough to remember which designs go with which picture!  If you make them for older children, this is a thing to remember.  You would also want more cards than I made.

His big sister thought it looked like fun and quit playing the other game to come and play.  Then my daughter wanted to play, but it was too simple.  So, I took the cards and hid them all over the room.  They had to look at a card, leave it where it was and then go and find its match.  Only then could they have the pair.  They really enjoyed that!

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  1. What a great way to include everyone for a game... gonna have to remember that for the next time I have my niece & nephews over!