Sunday, August 26, 2012

Well, it has taken awhile, but I finally have time to post my husband's birthday card.  It was so much fun giving him this card!  Revenge is so sweet!  I'm sure I'll never get a Sympathy card for another birthday again!  What made it worse for him was I waited to give it to him at his party!  Bwahahaha!

This whole process was sprung from the "getting even" board listed above.  I bought the Life is a Party cartridge specifically for the buzzard.  How better to say, "I love you" than with a buzzard?  lol!  The box to hold the card is on the left-hand side - made from the same cartridge.  It was posted on the blog earlier.  The right is the front of the card.  I used the Cuttlebug to add dimension to his wings.  Love, love, love the vulture! 

The card could not just be a "regular" card.  it had to be multidimensional!  After all, it is his BIG 4-0!

The tree branch is from Pagoda.  I printed "Caution:  The vultures are circling!" several times on my computer then printed it off.  I tore it apart, smudged the edges with Vintage ink.  I then took washi tape to fill in the gaps.  (I so love washi tape!)

Then I took wings from Gypsy Wandering and added them to a clock piece I had already cut out from some paper/project some time ago.  The mummy is from Happy Hauntings.  Since time seems to be moving rapidly and we always seem to be chasing it, I felt it was a perfect reminder to my hubby that it's getting away from him.  (smirk)  I added a hand to hold him back.  Hehehe.  I added some left over "wrought iron" for the bottom.  I then used stickers and rub-ons for the wording and embellishments.  The designer paper is from Making Memories.  

Then, since he was "oh so kind" to me, I felt it was fair play to call him an "old man".  The old man is from Mini Monsters cartridge.  The cake is from Life is a Party.  I simply didn't add all of  the layers.  I love how it looks lopsided.  I assumed it was due to all of the candles!  Hahaha!

I like how his hair is "salt and pepper"... just like my hubby's!  Again, I used stickers for the lettering.  I have so many alphabet stickers and things I must try to use some!  Paper is again Making Memories, but I stamped a Stampin' Up wood grain on it.  It looks more rustic now.

The back page is just more Making Memories paper that I distressed, and washi tape.  I wanted it to blend a bit better to the front of the card when the card was open.   It was such a good buy at their warehouse sale! 

Here are the front and back. 
I had a lot of fun making this card!  I had a lot of fun watching his and everyone's reaction too!

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  1. This card is simply amazing! There is so much detail and creativity, I couldn't stop looking at all the elements you added. I love the buzzard too.
    I also spent some time going through your blog, and you have some very creative cards, and projects. Love the golf cart. I so happy I found your blog.

  2. Such an awesome card - I would definitely say that you got your own back on him - after the sympathy card!! All the details you have included are amazing.